About us

Two Lithuanian citizens and one company from Denmark established UAB Miranga in 1996. Back then the company was called UAB Odvila. At that time it was the first company to import high quality European lifting equipment to the Lithuanian market.

We are working with

Now UAB Miranga is the Lithuanian company, which supplies to its customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus and Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation) only inovative, high quality products and service them. We work with companies and producers from Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Chech Republic, Italy, and Bulgaria.

We have tight connections

We have tight connections with our suppliers. Since 2009 we have been expanding the range of equipment to supply to our customers. Becides our traditional material handling, hydraulic, vakuum equipment, wire rope and sythetic slings, it has been several years now that we can offer the road building and repair machinery to our customers in all the Baltic States.

We are looking for new posibilities

Since 2014 we have been offering Façade Scaffolding. We are constantly looking for more partners with high quality products to deal with and to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are always ready for challenges. Our goal is to give our customers the equipment, which helps them to tackle the difficulties and problems. All our products are safe, ergonomic, cost reasonable and effective. All equipment has CE certificates which meets the EU and Lithuanian reglaments and standards.


If you need any kind of material handling equipment, road building or repair machinery, or you need spare parts for such equipment; maybe you want to purchase wire rope or façade scafolding? Please contact us and we will find a solution for you. We consult our customers about cranes, material handling equipment, road machinery. Send us your email to info@miranga.lt, call us to +370 698 54563 or contact on Skype uab.miranga

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