DK-Transporting rollers and hydraulic jacks rent

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UAB Miranga offers to rent transporting rollers and hydraulic jacks. Transporting rollers are the rollers of special construction, which are adapted to transport heavy oversize loads (machinery, mechanisms and other equipment of 30 tonne capacity) conveniently and safe. They can be used only if the surface, on which the loads are carried, is firm, level and clean. Hydraulic jacks HYDROFOR are adapted to lift the load up in order to put transporting rollers under them. The rent cost is always negotiable depending on the period of the rent. The equipment for rent can be delivered to the required place.

DK-Transporting rollers technical data:

Description Load Weight Height dimensions
Driving roller DK-1200 D

12 t 65 kg 115 mm 400x300x115 mm
Roller DK-8000 F

8 t 16 kg 105 mm 220x170x105 mm


Hydrofor hydraulic jack technical data:

Description Lifting capacity Weight Lifting height Minimum height "on top" Minimum height "on bottom" Dimensions
Hydrofor 5 t 18 kg 205 mm 360 mm 25 mm 360x540x210 mm
Hydrofor 10 t 25 kg 240 mm 417 mm 25 mm 417x540x210 mm


HLJ 50 A 6 hydraulic jack technical data:

Description Lifting capacity Lifting height Minimum height
HLJ 50 A 6 52 t 61 mm 150 mm